Nutrition Challenge Results!

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Nutrition Challenge Results & Winners!

Another six-week nutrition challenge is in the books and we are so impressed with everyone’s results! This challenged focused on eating whole foods and balanced meals, avoiding alcohol, drinking enough water and getting quality sleep for six weeks. Everyone received a meal prep container as a guide to make sure we were eating enough of the right kinds of foods at every meal. The results speak for themselves!


Choosing a winner for this challenge was tougher than ever. Therewere several people who lost over 10 pounds, over 5% of their body weight, and crushed their benchmark workouts! Ultimately, the winners were consistent across the board: they ate well, used the container, hit the gym consistently, and participated in the group challenges. Their results in six short weeks are truly remarkable! Congratulations to everyone and keep up the great work! Winners, be sure to stop by the front desk and claim your prize! $$$

1st Place Female: Heather Schon
This lady really put her all into this nutrition challenge, and her results prove it. She lost a total of 19 pounds (11.95%) and 7% body fat over the six-week challenge. She also knocked 2:17 off her Fran time and added 5 pounds to her 1 rep max clean and jerk. She kept her meals simple by cooking at home, but made good use of on-the-go snacks such as fruit and nut butter. She also avoided alcohol and “cheat meals” for the duration of the challenge, and practiced portion control. Nice work Heather – we hope you continue to stay the course!


1st Place Male: Ryan Henry
Ryan lost a total of 21 pounds (9.95%) and 4.4% body fat. He also had a huge 20 pound PR on his 1 rep max clean and jerk, and finished Fran 1 min and 47 seconds faster at the end of the challenge. He also kept his meals very simple by making good friends with chicken, rice and broccoli and ate mostly at home. He did indulge a little during the challenge, but his consistency with his diet and fitness regimen seemed to pay off in the end. Great job Ryan!

Runner Up: Joelle Moriconi
With an 11 pound (6.21%) weight loss and 4.9% decrease in body fat, Joelle remained committed to her health during the challenge. She was consistent to the gym and eating healthy, and also practiced portion control. She also added a whopping 20 pounds to her 1 rep max clean and jerk and took off 2 minutes and 14 seconds from her Fran time. She avoided alcohol and “cheat meals” for all six weeks. Congratulations Joelle!

Partner Medball Fun!
• Partner standing lateral tosses to warm up both lateral toss at the same time.
• Overhead soccer throws on a bounce
• Seated lateral tosses with feet off the floor – both partners sit at the same time to save time.
• Seated forward facing tosses both partners sit – make challenging by throwing away from midline.
• Partner leg throws no medballs
• Lunge with lead throw and lateral toss.

Medball Midline Work
:30 Work/:15 Rest
-Leg Lifts Up & Over MB
-Knee Tucks w/ Feet on MB
-Medball Jackknives
-Russian Twists

Each for time
At 0:00
100 Double Unders
30 Toes to Bar
30/20 Cal Bike
40 Wallballs
At 10:00
80 Double Unders
20 Toes to Bar
25/15 Cal Bike
30 Wallballs
At 19:00
60 Double Unders
10 Toes to Bar
20/15 Cal Bike
20 Wallballs

Level 2- 50-40-30 Double Unders, -5 cals on bike
Level 1- singles, -5 Reps from toes to bar, bike and wallballs on each part.
ADV- (30,20); heavy rope

*Coaches Tip* You should have around 2 minutes rest after finishing each portion

Extra Work
3-3-3-3-3- climbing sets

2. Complete a 50′ handstand walk after each round