Maximize your Mobility

Big Crusty put up an impressive 82 reps in 12.2

Rope Climbs

Row 1000m
Ring Dips
KettleBell Swings (2/1.5)
Row 1000m

Adv = perform one rope climb after the round of 21, the round of 15 and the round of 9 = 3 total rope climbs
L2 (1.5/1)
L1 (1/.5)

We understand that rolling on a baseball can be painful, and we get that stretching can be torturous after 20 seconds and Coach Masely says it best “there is no Rx for stretching”. All of the above may be true but our goal is to reach our highest fitness possible and mobility is essential to getting there. So instead of aimlessly rolling or stretching I’ve jotted a few tips that will maximize your mobility without being it a chore.

8:01pm- CFSouthie posts the workout every night at 8pm. Take a look at the movements, try them out and decide what areas need to be loosened up. Roll and stretch those spots until those power cleans with a broom handle feel smooth.

Before class- Again, look at the movements and try a few out. If the workout calls for pull ups work on some pass throughs and maybe a few kips. Or roll out the areas that are sore from previous workouts so you’ll move better for the workout.

After class- Hit the same stretches we did in the warm up, they were chosen for a reason. Plus our muscles are warm and pliable so nows our chance to create a greater range of motion.

Everyday- If you only had ONE chance to roll or stretch whether its right before bed or 5 minutes after class try hitting the areas that need it the most. Most of the time those areas are making everything else around it dysfunctional. Fix one, fix em all.