Max Out Til Ya Blax Out

Pat 90x & Shamweezy
Pat 90x & Shamweezy

Next week we will begin our strength training with testing our baseline max back squat, press, and deadlift. From there you will have 6 weeks of strength, dynamic efforts, and short metcons.

Most of you have ran a 5k before. It is not uncommon for a 5k run to end up as a “just for fun” activity with a friend or two by your side. This Saturday there will be no 8am competitors class, but instead we will be having a 5k race with the rest of the CrossFit Southie community. This 5k is FOR TIME. This will be the last 30 minute endurance activity that you will have for the next 7 weeks. We really expect you to come out and give a true effort. There should be no strolling across the finish, we want you to think treat this like it is an event at the CF games-in it to win it.

Please join us at Crossfit Green to jog over at a slow pace leaving on foot at 9:40AM. The fastest three men and women will have there scores officially recorded and will all receive free running/training shoes of their choice from our Endurance Coach, Brogan Graham. 

This race will go off at 10:00AM sharp so if you’re planning on meeting is there make sure to be plenty early so you don’t miss the gun. This “out & back” style race will take you from the Harbor Walk at Columbus Park (see “Harbor Walk” in small type in photo) up the harbor coast to the Head Island Causeway. At the 1.55 mile marker we will have you spin around and race back to complete your 3.1 mile, or full 5K race.


Warm Up
2 times through
15 Perfect Push-ups
10 superman/superwomans
-Spend 5 minutes mobilizing Goat

Goat 1
-Max Effort Goat 1
*If it is strength you are working up to a 1RM. If it is gymnastics you are doing a max effort set. For muscle-ups, if you can do them, maybe 15 or 30 mups for time. If you are still learning muscle-ups then spend 20 minutes trying to get one. For running or rowing you are doing a time trial- 1 mile run for time, 2k Row for time.

* Have a game plan for what you think would be a good quantifiable test for your goat. Coaches can help you decide!

3 Rounds
1 minute of Max Muscle ups (if mups is one of your goats sub T2B, or your weakest weightlifting movement)
30 seconds rest
1 minute of Max Goat 2
30 seconds rest
1 minute of Max Burpees
30 seconds rest