MaRaThOn MoNdAy- Come support Leann and Drew at the finish!!

How can you not love Leann...
“My father had two heart attacks, the first one was when he was 49 and  I was in 7th grade, the second when I was a junior in high school and I had to perform CPR on him.  After that my mom, brother and I watched him recover and became a low-fat, exercising family. I used to jog to keep up with him as he was speed walked around the neighborhood. I decided that no family or daughter should have to go through that awful experience, so I’ve made choices to be healthy and help others be healthy. I guess that’s why I work in cardiology….
I played soccer in high school and the coach made us do winter and spring track to stay in shape.  My best friend and I were legit last and second to last in every single race we did. Moving on to college , I didn’t want to gain the freshman fifteen. All my classes were in the morning, so I would go on 10 mile afternoon runs while my friends were in class.

9 Bostons and 13 Marathons later – I found CrossFit Southie.  This will be my 10th Boston.  I did a ton of traveling this year and did not train with nearly as much mileage as I normally do , it’s almost half the amount of running! YIKEES!  I ran a 3:31 in 2009 and 3:37 in 2010 in Boston. (3:31 is my marathon PR).

I can say I have felt strong in the [limited] training I have done.  My core is stronger , my arms are stronger, I am a lighter and my head is stronger, and that nagging hammie injury only flares up occasionally now.26.2 miles is a long way to run and anyone who runs a marathon should feel amazing about themselves.  A lot happens, not only on the streets, but also in the mind and to our bodies, between Hopkinton and Boston.  So I’m not sure what I will run this year (under 3:59 would be good, under 3:40 would be fantastic).   CFS has helped me achieve things that I never thought would be possible.  (Remember when I didn’t think I could jump on a valve box!) So I guess I am hoping that helps me to the finish line this year… So I can enjoy some beer and  pizza with my friends on Boylston after!”

Handstand Holds

20 Min AMRAP
2 Dead Hang Pull-ups
6 Pistols (3 each leg)
2 Handstand Push-ups
200m Run

2 Muscle-ups
6 Weighted Pistols (1 pood/.5 pood; in each hand)
2 Handstand Pushups (Ring or elevated)
Run 200m