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Schedule Announcement
We will be holding a reduced schedule tonight due to the Marathon and will only be running classes in Southie Green. There will be no 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 or 7:30pm. The remainder of the day remains the same. There WILL be Bootcamp class at 6:30pm.

Good Luck Marathon Runners!
Please join us in sending our best wishes to all marathon runners out there, but especially members of the CFS family. Shout out to Molly Sands, Jennifer Penton, Eli Cleveland & Danielle Purpura who are all taking on the long 26.2 miles today (and anyone else we may have missed!). Less than 1% of the population will ever complete a marathon, so it is quite an accomplishment. We are proud of all of your hard work that you’ve put in so far and hope you enjoy your run today… it is the victory lap for all of that hard training! Best of luck and we’ll see you back in the box after a few days of much deserved rest 🙂

Southie Skills Lab Tuesday Nights @ 7pm!
Skills Lab is continuing to bring the crowd! Last Tuesday night we covered ring dips, and worked on getting gymnasty on the rings with muscle-ups! Each week holds a different skill, giving you the chance to work on some weaknesses, and perfect those hard-to-get movements. These classes are an hour long, giving a good amount of time to work on the skill, and finishing with a workout at the end to put these new-found skills to use! All ability levels welcome. This class is free for all members and does not count toward your weekly class total. Tomorrow we will focus on rope climbs. Hope to see you there!

Butterfly pull-ups

WOD (25 min hard cap)
“Marathon Monday”
5 Rounds
4 Squat Clean and Jerks (185,125)
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
13 Burpee lateral jumps
After 5 rounds are complete:
800m run
*Your time is your total time for all 5 rounds plus the 800m sprint.

Today we WOD to honor every-one who was impacted by the Marathon bombings last year. Make sure you sprint your heart out on that 800m run!

Level 3- (155,105)
Level 2- (135,85)
Level 1- (95,55),4 Rounds

Compared to 4/20/2015


  • Ryan Gould

    04/18/2017 @ 2:14 am

    29:12 L2

  • Alec

    04/18/2017 @ 1:09 am

    7:30 Han Solo- 21:37Rx – 185 was slooow moving

  • Jason Barrow

    04/18/2017 @ 12:56 am

    Marathon Monday:
    4/20/15 – 28:39 L3 (snatch version)
    4/15/17 – 22:31 L3 (squat-clean & jerk version)

    2nd time in a week that I pissed away a lead in the final round during a 7PM throwdown. Need Sebastian’s class.

  • Trevor

    04/18/2017 @ 12:46 am

    26:03 L3
    Barbell kicked my ass.

  • Shea

    04/17/2017 @ 11:05 pm

    17:35 @ 205#

  • Kyra Williams

    04/17/2017 @ 4:44 pm

    24:54 RX

  • Daniela Bitto

    04/17/2017 @ 3:19 pm

    15:27 RX with 205 Deadlift instead of Squat Clean and jerk

  • Ben Brauer

    04/17/2017 @ 1:08 pm

    21:59 Rx
    4/15/16 – 23:24 Rx

  • Kurt

    04/17/2017 @ 12:54 pm

    26:43 or 24:43…can’t remember

  • Sean Flannery

    04/17/2017 @ 12:05 pm

    21:47 Rx

  • Eli

    04/17/2017 @ 10:26 am

    Thanks, Retta! I can’t wait to get back in the box.

  • Alec

    04/17/2017 @ 1:49 am

    Yo! I’ll be doing the workout at 7:30AM if anyone is interested. Good luck to our marathon runners!

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