Marathon Monday – A Boston Tradition

Marathon Monday Schedule – Normal schedule in the morning and afternoon. We will be running a reduced schedule in the evening. All Levels classes will be held in Southie Green at 4,5,6 & 7pm.

Good Luck Marathon Runners!
Please join us in sending our best wishes to all marathon runners out there, but especially members of the CFS family. Shout out to Coach Haley, Lizzy Guyton, Samantha Bartholomew, Brooke Hartley, Tim Johnson, Chris Scutti, Megan Finneran and Jim White who are all taking on the long 26.2 miles today (and anyone else we may have missed!). Less than 1% of the population will ever complete a marathon, so it is quite an accomplishment. We are proud of all of your hard work that you’ve put in so far and hope you enjoy your run today… it is the victory lap for all of that hard training! Best of luck and we’ll see you back in the box after a few days of much deserved rest 🙂

Run 1 Loop

Then 2 Rounds
:30 on/:10 off
Burpee Lateral Jumps
Bent Over Rows
Front Squats

Butterfly pull-ups

“Marathon Monday”
5 Rounds
4 Squat Clean and Jerks (185,125)
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
13 Burpee lateral jumps
After 5 rounds are complete:
800m run
*Your time is your total time for all 5 rounds plus the 800m sprint.

Today we WOD to honor everyone who was impacted by the Marathon bombings in 2013. Make sure you sprint your heart out on that 800m run!

Level 3- (155,105)
Level 2- (135,85), chin over bar, 4 Rounds
Level 1- (105,55), 10 chin over bar, 3 Rounds

Compare/Scores Times to Marathon Monday performed on 4/17/17
Compare/Scores Times to Marathon Monday performed on 4/20/15

Extra Work
10:00 AMRAP
10 Sandbag Over the Shoulder (140/90)
:30 SB Hug Hold
100’ SB Carry
:30 SB Hug Hold
*Start the :30 once the bag is in position at your chest