Group GHDs
Group GHDs

Please join us in wishing a big congratulations and good luck to Jenn Penton as she takes on a new challenge, joining the Massachusetts State Police Academy. Jenn has been a member of CrossFit Southie for the past three years, and her progress has been amazing. We have watched her work toward this goal for months now – putting in long training hours, focusing on her diet, doing double sessions – so we know she is more than ready. As Jenn says, law enforcement is built on team work & coming together as one to support the mission, leaving egos and opinions as the door, so a team workout for today is appropriate. Get in here and crush it today, and be sure to give Jenn a high five when you see her before she takes off for the academy.

Jenn would also like to invite everyone to a her going away party tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. Meet at Lincoln in Southie at 2pm for some football, fun, and goodbye drinks. Best of luck, JP! We’ll miss you!

With general class

Sled pushes

Team WOD (35 MInute Cap)
Run 1 Mile as a team
Then Partition The Following Reps (2 athletes can work at a time)
60 Strict Pull-ups
90 Push-ups
120 GHD Sit-ups
150 Air Squats
Once complete jog with your plate to the 200m like and complete 6 sled pushes each (70,45)

Once complete run the long way in carrying the weights from the sled