Maintaining Equipment

As CrossFitters we hold ourselves to standards. Whether those standards involve achieving the proper points of performance for movements during a WOD or upholding a strict paleo or zone diet, we take pride in upholding them.

We also need to hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to maintaining our equipment. When we fail to take care of our equipment it not only costs money, but more importantly it takes away valuable training resources that take time to replace; leaving less equipment for all our athletes to utilize. Additionally, failing to maintain our equipment can create an unsafe environment. As a staff, we maintain a weekly schedule of cleaning and maintaining our equipment. However, is it up to all of us on a daily basis to do this as well.

A few important points that all of us must adhere to when maintaining our equipment after workouts:

1.  If you take it out, put it back. I.e. strip your bars, put the weights in their proper stack, take your bands off the pull-up structure and put medicine balls and abmats back on the shelves. Cleaning up after yourself 101.

2.  If you bleed on bars, medicine balls, or any equipment in general: WIPE YOUR BLOOD OFF AFTER THE WOD. We have Clorox wipes and orange cleaner in both spaces. Failing to do this is a health hazard to all of our members. It’s very difficult as a staff to see everyone who bleeds on their equipment. Clean up after yourself.

3.  DO NOT tie knots in the jump ropes to shorten their length. Take the time to find the right length rope. Tying a knot in them damages the rope and makes them break faster.

4.  Wipe down your medicine balls and abmats after use – Clorox wipes and orange cleaner, do it.

5.  Do not drop/slam the 10 and 15 pound plates unless you have to bail out of a lift. These plates are delicate and break very easily if we keep throwing them down from the overhead position. Take the extra second to put it down properly.

6.  DO NOT write on the floor in chalk. As all have seen, we now have small white boards to keep track of rounds and reps. They are by the main white boards – use them.

As a community, we want to ensure that our equipment is clean and safe for all our athletes to use. Please take the extra time to follow these guidelines in order to keep our equipment in working order and preserve its integrity for all of our athletes.


20 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)
40 Burpee Lateral Jumps

You may partition the shoulder to overheads and burpee lateral jumps anyway you would like.
Shoulder to Overhead should be heavy! about 80-85% of the 1rm you worked up to in the push jerk

Level 2 (135,95)
Level 1 (95, 65)
ADV (185/115)