Mad Max

Oct 10th, 2021

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Mad Max


Columbus/Marathon Monday Schedule
Coached Classes at 9 & 10am
Non Coached WOD with Goose – 3-2-1 Go! @ 8am…box will open at 7:30 for warming up & Open Gym

Primarily Outdoors
Please do not park in the lot

20/15 Calories on Rower

2 Rounds
10 Scap Push-Up
10 KB Drag Throughs
10 Floor Press in Hollow Position*

*Can do this with a light weight and give it as an option for the strength as well.

Chest Opening
Shoulder Stability

10 Reps Each w DB*
1. Floor Press**
2. Pull-overs
3. Bent-over Rows*
4. Complete 5 Each side For Floor Press and Bent- over Row

5 Rounds
In 2 Minutes
15 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
Then Max Calories on the Rower
-Rest 1 Minute-

Level 2- 12 Push-ups
Level 1- 10 Push-ups

Score= Total Calories Rowed