We are open tomorrow morning at 5:30 and 6:30am. 7:30am is canceled.

The storm is supposed to hit us pretty good around 7am through the remainder of the day. We are trying to get in a few classes before the storm. We are going to play it by ear tomorrow for the noon and evening classes. Keep checking the website for updates. Sorry for the inconveniences due to the snow.

In CrossFit we push ourselves to the limit. Once we start a WOD we have to finish it, if we don’t we will beat ourselves up for the rest of the day. It is hard to not slow down or want to stop when putting ourselves in such discomfort. For me, it definitely helps to hear my name. This weekend when I heard my teammates yelling my name I picked up my pace and rested less during the WOD. Having support gave me that extra rush to pick up the bar and give it my all.

I have noticed recently that supportiveness towards fellow members during classes is somewhat lacking. If you finish a WOD first, then clean up your bar and walk out the door, you are being inconsiderate of those still working. I want to see you all support your fellow classmates by cheering them on, yelling their name, and letting them know that their performance matters. One day it will be you that is the last one to finish, and you will appreciate it. This is a community, make the most of it.
Wall Climbs

Max Height Box Jump

Kettlebell snatches- Each arm (1.5/1)

Level 2 (1/25#)
Level 1 (25#/15#)