“Dork” Strong


In memory of our Boston Fire Fighters Michael “DORK” Kennedy and life of LT. Edward Walsh, who heroically lost their lives in the line of duty, just over a year ago on March 26, 2014.  DORK was a coach at CrossFit Together and this workout was put together in his honor.

Rope Climb
(Please remember to wear long socks, pants or some form of protection for your legs)

AMRAP 20.14
33 Calories
15 Deadlifts 225/155
4 Rope Climbs

Level 2 185,115, 2 Rope climbs
Level 1 135, 95, 8 Pull to stands

Conditioning Class: WOD
5 x 800m Run
Start a new run every 6 minutes. Rest the remainder of the time. Record all splits.

Cooldown Stretch
:90 Banded Hamstring Stretch/side

Conditioning Class: Core
10 Strict Toes to Bar
10 Strict Dragon Flags
-For quality, NOT time. Rest and rotate between movements as necessary.

Founder Chad Verry & Matt Murawski

Little Warrior WOD 15.6 – moved to next Saturday April 11th

The Little Warrior Foundation was created by our very own member, Chad Verry, to help fund the research and development to aid in the fight against childhood cancer.  To help show our CFS community support, we will be hosting an event on Saturday April 4th to benefit the foundation.  Riding the momentum of the CrossFit Open, we are going to refer to the Little Warriour WOD as 15.6.  Similar to the Open WODs, The Little Warrior WOD itself will be announced 8:00pm (ETD) on Thursday April 2, 2015 and  will compliment the Open WODs. Don’t worry, unlike 15.3, it will be for everyone.   On Saturday April 11, 2015 we will be running the WOD during classes and will have a friendly competition like atmosphere, similar to the Open WODs.  You will partner up and judge each other so bring a friend!  Prizes will be awarded to the best male and female scores for the day.

Minimum suggested donation will be $40.00 and that includes a Little Warrior WOD T-shirt color of your choice along with a Reebok 20% discount coupon.   If you would like to make a separate or additional donation, they can be made at the box the day of or on the Little Warrior website here. All funds collected directly benefit the Little Warrior  foundation.

You have worked hard all year for the Opens, for yourself and for your team and now is your chance to help others.  This WOD is for the brave little children who are affected by cancer. This WOD, everyone comes out a winner.  How big is your brave…

Please keep your eyes peeled to the blog in the coming weeks and also go to the Little Warrior Facebook page, “Like” it to keep up to date with the event and future events.  You can click join and also donate through there.


Instagram: Littlewarriorwod