Light on those feet

*We will be running outdoor workouts at 10am and 11am at Moakley Park. The box will be closed all day for the L1 certification.*

Many of us will look at today’s workout and either say “oh man just running, I hate running…. I don’t need to do that” or “I can do that on my own, I’ll go for a run later.”  For the longest time, I was that guy and as a result my metabolic conditioning suffered.  In a sprint there is no hiding, no taking an extra break before you begin the next set, it’s push yourself to the limit with no excuses.  All out efforts while running and rowing are the best way to build up your wind.  Additionally, in sprint work you’ll use muscles in a way you have never used them before.  Don’t miss out on these days! More than likely, you are not going to make it out on your own to do this WOD and if by chance you do you are definitely not going to push as hard as you would amongst your peers.  So come out today and suck some wind, feel better about yourself afterward and be in better shape because of it.

With a partner. One person works at a time:
3 rounds of
Each Run 800m as fast as possible
Then immediately following (no rest):
3rounds of
Each run 400m as fast as possible

L2/L1 – 2 rounds of each
Each sprint should be an all out effort. Tag your partner in upon finishing each sprint.