TEAMWORK Fitness Fundraiser This Saturday!

Pat P – 2014 ECC

TEAMWORK presented by Kill Cliff is a nationwide fitness fundraiser in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation. This event will consist of 24 Hero Workouts that honor fallen members of Naval Special Warfare. These workouts will be completed in gyms across the country. All workouts must be performed in groups of two or three. No individual performances. Each athlete should participate in one to three of the workouts. Absolutely under NO circumstances should anyone attempt to complete all 24 workouts. The focus of TEAMWORK is not to draw attention to ourselves or our performance in these workouts, but to honor the sacrifice made by our nation’s warriors, while working as a team. There will not be a leader board.

The event takes place THIS SATURDAY! It will begin at 8AM in Southie Orange and continue for 24hrs. To register for a Hero WOD please email [email protected]
You can help support our nations heroes by donating to or raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation. You can donate or register by clicking HERE

Which Uses More Fuel: Highway Miles or City Miles?
The Answer = City Miles.
Why? Because your vehicle comes to an idle and has to rev back up to 40 MPH from a dead stop…requiring faster output from the engine. Bad for cars, Good for humans…

Steady State Exercise (think 45 slow jog) or consistent exercise at a sub-maximal effort burns fuel, sure. But did you know that your body HATES burning fuel, and would rather conserve it? At some point your body goes into “maintain mode” and your results are somewhat limited.

Sprint intervals, like today’s workout are meant to be max effort… full throttle. Your body is so shocked (in a good way) that it forces the body to adapt and improve the speed and efficiency of the processes inside the body responsible for delivering fuel and oxygen to working muscles. The best part? Because sprint intervals were such high demand it takes hours for your body to recover…and to recover it starts pulling fuel from FAT cells to help the cause…for hours AFTER exercise.

What does this all mean? Sprint hard, rest, repeat = Better fitness/better fat loss/still maintains muscle/requires less time!

2 minute Bike
1 minute Wall Sit
1 minute Hollow Hold
1 minute Prison Burpee Lateral Jumps

Box Squat- 2 Reps

3 Rounds*
20/15 Calorie Bike
20 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Thrusters (95,65)
Rest 2 Minutes

*Report 3 Separate Times

Level 2- 75|50
Level 1- 65|35
ADV – 115|75

Conditioning 4:45PM in Southie Orange

Partner Conditioning

In 12 Minutes Complete
1200m Run as a Team
AMRAP Calories on the Rower

Rest 2 Minutes

In 10 Minutes Complete
800m as a Team
AMRAP Calories on the Bike
Rest 2 Minutes

In 8 Minutes Complete
600m Run as a Team
AMRAP Double Unders