Marathon Shake Out Run This Saturday!

#TBT – 2011 Garage Games Finals @ CFSouthie

Marathon Monday Schedule
We will be running a reduced schedule the evening of Marathon Monday with All Levels classes in Southie Green only. If you are around and typically take night classes in Orange come over to green for a good time 🙂

Reebok Shake Out Run!!
This event is going to be a run for people to shake out their nerves before they run the Boston Marathon.
Even if you are not participating in the marathon this event is open to all running groups as well as family and friends!!

All participants in your group will receive:

  • A free t-shirt for all participants
  • Free breakfast when the run is finished
  • Chance to win Reebok gift cards
  • Exclusive discounts on in-store apparel after the run for your running group

The details of the event are:
8:30AM-10:00AM – Anytime during this period, one of your members will lead your running group on a light run around Boston, starting from the Reebok HQ store at 25 Drydock Ave. CHECK IN upon arrival, before you depart from the run, and CHECK IN when you return to get your t-shirts, food and more.

Reebok Coupon to be used at the event

9:00AM-11:30AM – Light breakfast and running refreshments provided, along with chances to win Reebok gift cards and shop with an exclusive discount.

Row 500m
Then, alternating tabata:
1. L-Sit on Rings
2. Strict Pull Ups


5 Rounds
500m Row
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips
20 Sit-ups

Level 1- 4 Rounds, Push-ups
ADV – 10 strict Pull ups, 15 strict dips, 20 GHDs

CFS Endurance – 4:45pm in Southie Orange
At 0:00
1 Mile Run @ 90%
Then immediately bike or ski at a recovery pace.

At 12:00 Rest

At 14:00
1200m Sprint @ 90%
Then immediately bike or ski at a recovery pace.

At 23:00 Rest

At 25:00
800m Sprint @90%
Then immediately bike or ski at a recovery pace.

32:00- Complete

The goal for today is to work on pacing at a close to maximum effort. 90% should be a strong effort that burns, but not to the point where you are rolling around on the floor once complete. You should be able to achieve your time and go immediately to the bike or ski erg and breathe through recovery. Once the next interval starts you should be able to give it another true effort without being completely burnt from your first.