Learn from your Peers

Honour and Kyle Miller gave birth to an amazing 7lb 5 oz baby boy on Sunday! Baby and Mother are doing awesome. They would like to pass along a thanks to everyone at the box for all their support and well wishes during the pregnancy and are both looking forward to getting back!

Please remember that the CES parking spots are off limits until 5pm. We ran into a lot of problems with the running WOD yesterday morning because the CES customers had no where to park. The lot became a cluster…you know what, which resulted in our neighbors complaining. Please use street parking or park along the fence by the 200m mark when the lot is full.

A newbie Crossfitter should be able to watch an experienced athlete perform pull ups and say “Ohh, kipping comes from the shoulders, not the legs.” An experienced athlete should be able to watch a newbie perform a strict press and say “Hmm, it looks like they’ve lost midline stability” In both cases, the individuals learned something from one another. Later the newbie starts stringing together kipping pull ups, and the advanced athlete puts more emphasis on tightening up overhead. We all learn from each other, even if its just by observing. But don’t be satisfied on that alone.  We have a huge community of knowledgeable athletes and eager minds. Don’t be afraid to ask other members for their words of advice as it may help the way you understand it. Watch videos and ask questions. Practice and pick minds. Give helpful tips and cheer each other on. All of these things help our community grow strong. Be proud that YOU are part of the CrossFit Southie community and remember to learn something new every day!

Strength Endurance
3 sets of Max Thrusters (115/80)
Rest 3 minutes between each set; you may pause in the rack position or at the top.

L2 (95/65)
L1 (65/35)
ADV (135/95)

5 rounds of
20 power snatches (75,55)
50 double unders

L2 – (65,45) 4 rounds ,15 snatches– 25 double unders or attempts
L1 – (55,35)3 rounds, 10 snatches – 100 singles