Last Week For Our Warm Winter Drive!

Turkey Day Schedule – Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble……
Monday– Normal Hours
Tuesday– Normal Hours
Wednesday– 5,6,7,8,11, 12,3,4,5pm *close at 6pm*
Thursday– ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DAY WOD- 8am and 9am** Non-coached WOD 7am with Goose
Friday– 9,10,11,12pm (open gym 8-2pm)
Saturday– 8,9,10,11 Open Gym starting at 6:30am, Non-Coached WOD with Goose at 7am
Sunday– Normal Schedule

November Clothing & Food Drive!

For the month of November we will be collecting food and clothing for the Pine Street Inn! The Pine Street Inn needs new clothing the most as we approach winter and cold weather, but food donations are also welcome and necessary! Donations will be accepted until Saturday November 27th. Donation boxes can be found in front of the main desk – the most needed items that will be accepted include:

The most needed and suggested food items can be found below. Thank you in advance for any help it is greatly appreciated!

Warm Up
400m Run
Bike Sprint: Relay Style
3 Rounds
7|4 Calorie Bike
10 Air Squats
5 Box Jumps
20’ Sprint to Finish

Quad Rolling
Calf Rolling
Worlds Greatest

WOD (25 Minute Cap)
For Time:

1200m Run
5 Rounds
15 Back Squats* 135|95
20|14 Calorie Bike
15 Box Jumps 27|24

Schwinn Bike – 30|20

*Back Squats are taken from the floor

Level 2- 115|75; 24|20” Box
Level 1- 95|55; 15|9 Cal Bike
ADV – 155|105

Extra Work
3 Clean & Jerks