Cryotherapy Coming to CFS!


Cryothletics at CFS – Saturday, June 22nd 9AM-12PM
We are excited to be hosting Cryothletics at CrossFit Southie on Saturday, June 22nd. If you’ve been curious about cryotherapy, now is your chance to try it out!

“Cryotherapy is a fast, non-invasive pain management and recovery treatment that exposes the body to extreme cooling in a controlled environment using vapourized liquid nitrogen. This revolutionary recovery technique is used by professional athletes as well everyday fitness enthusiasts and those who suffer from certain chronic illnesses to promote their recovery and improve overall health.”

The cost for a whole body cryotherapy session is usually $65 – but cryothletics will be here offering it to CFS members for just $30! The whole thing takes about 5 minutes and will leave you feeling refreshed and recovered like you’ve never been before. You can read more about the benefits of cryotherapy here.

This treatment can be done before or after a workout. Just note, you must be complete dry to enter the cryotherapy chamber. If you plan to book a session after your workout, please allow time to towel off and for your sweat to dry off 🙂

To reserve your session, click HERE.

Cryothletics portable cryotherapy chamber

Burpee Pull-Up with 4-6 Second Negative on the way down
Muscle Clean and Strict Press
Front Rack Lunges(on each leg)
*Sub for Negatives is :20 Hanging Hollow Hold each round

Front Rack Lunge 25 ft
Warm-up with 2 climbing sets
Then complete 4-5 straight sets

Clean and Jerks (155,105)
Burpee Pull-ups

Level 3- 135,95
Level 2- 115,75
Level 1- 95,45
ADV – Burpee Bar Muscle-up, (185,115)

Extra Work
3 Rounds
20/15 Cals Assault bike
100 meter front rack sandbag carry 140/90

Rest 3 minutes between rounds