11.6, L1/L2 Classes and Open Gym Hours

got pull ups?

11.6 – we will be performing and validating scores for the WOD on Wednesday.  For those of you that are unable to make it in on Wednesday or would like another shot at it, Vagabond CrossFit will be hosting and validating at their Grand Opening in Easton at high NOON.  CrossFit New England is also hosting on Saturday and our athletes are welcome to attend there if it is more convenient.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be competing on Saturday and where you would like to compete and we will make sure you are put into a heat.

L1/L2 Classes

CrossFit works!  Everyday our athletes make it to class, they become more fit and better at the functional movements involved in CrossFit.  We now offer classes to accommodate both the veteran CrossFitter and the newbie.  Our L1/L2 classes are slower paced, focusing on the technical movements involved in CrossFit. These classes are great for the 2x/week athlete or the newbie looking to ramp up their fitness level and fitness education.   Being surrounded with peers of similar ability levels, in a less intimidating environment, provides for a comfortable learning experience, with more focused individual attention and guidance to help build a strong foundation during the early stages of your CrossFit career.  Tell your friends that are on the fence about getting involved, it will be the best advice you ever gave them.

Open Gym Hours

We now offer eight open gym hours during the week. Yes, the open gym hours do count toward your monthly membership classes but there is no better way to ramp up your fitness than working on your weaknesses during these supervised hours. We have a Southie Coach on staff at every open gym hour to help you with anything you need to work on.  We work skills in class but sometimes you miss those skill days or you need a little extra attention or specific programming from a coach to help you get better at that particular skill. Southie trainers are at Open Gym hours to help you do that.  Take advantage of these hours guys, it’s more focused training, and if you don’t know specifically what you need work on show up anyway because we most likely know your weaknesses better than you do.

Power Clean

5 Rounds of
15 Power Cleans (95,65)

L2 (65/45); band assisted HSPU/pike push ups
L1 (45/25); push ups
Advanced (115,75); Elevated HSPU (hands on plates)