July Bootcamp & End of Nutrition Challenge Details

Dig Deep

July Bootcamp!
Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30AM – 7:30AM
Special Rate: $99/month!

July is quickly approaching which means another session of CFS Bootcamp!!! This program is great for weight loss, extra conditioning training, or as a ramp-up for our general CrossFit program!

Monday classes will focus on conditioning and endurance, with a heavy focus on interval training. We will run, row, bike, ski erg, jump rope, etc. Wednesday classes will still focus on conditioning, but will incorporate dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and more. There will be no barbells or high-skill gymnastics.

For more information or to sign up, click HERE!

End of Nutrition Challenge Details
Calling all Summer Reset Nutrition Challenge participants! The end is in sight… the last day of food logging and tracking points is Saturday, June 30th! Please see below for important info/dates on wrapping up the challenge:
Benchmark Workout Re-Testing: This Thursday during all classes. If you are unable to attend class on Thursday, please be sure to get the benchmarks done on your own as soon as possible. After completing the benchmarks, log your results here.
Weigh-Ins & Measurements: We will be conducting weigh-ins during the following times: Friday 6/29 – morning & midday classes. Saturday 6/30 – all day. Monday 7/2 – morning & night classes. Tuesday 7/3 – morning & night classes. If you are going away for the 4th and need to weigh in earlier in the week, please see a coach for assistance. But remember, food logs and points still matter through the 30th!

Warm Up
12:00 EMOM
Minute 1 – SB Hug Step Ups*
Minute 2- Muscle Snatch
Minute 3- Single Leg DL

*use plate where necessary

3 Power Snatches
-Does not need to be touch and go. Ascend in weight as able

12 Minute AMRAP
7 Deadlifts (225,155)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
100m Sandbag Carry(4/3)

Level 2- 185,125
Level 1- 135,95
ADV – Stone Hug Carry (90,60)

Extra Work
800m x 3
rest 3 minutes between efforts

4:45 Conditioning Class
3 Rounds

In 3 Minutes Complete
500m Row
Max Burpees over the Rower

Rest 1 Minute

In 3 Minutes Complete
1/0.8m Bike
Max Double Unders

Rest 1 Minute

In 3 Minutes Complete
400m Run
Max Calories on the Ski Erg

Rest 1 Minute