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  • Mike Quigley

    06/28/2013 @ 11:43 am

    Nothing like taking a keg to the face at 5:30am to wake you up (pretty sure that’s me in the red shirt).
    no muscle ups for me today – Nick and Beretta gave me some good tips though. My grand total career MU remains at 2.
    205×3 on the front squat, 225×2 then got stuck at the bottom on #3.
    WOD – 11:02 155# with 12 ring dips.
    Ring dips are definitely a goat for me – been working at them…still not fast, but much better today – thanks to Coach Birthday Boy Chuck (happy belated bday) for helping me with the ring dip kip after my cameo in the 7PM Monday class, it definitely helped today when I got the first 12 unbroken. For me, that was previously unheard of.
    Not my best day – but got the work in.
    Manny – good for you going at 135# yesterday, you’ll get it next time. Mike B. – I knew after you saw Rollins at 145# you’d be pushing for that. Barrow – nice work on that row – fast as hell.

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