Keep Me Hanging On

Coach Tom!

Quarantine Accountability/Nutrition Challenge Take 2 Begins this Monday.

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Pop Up Classes at 9:45 & 11am today!

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Warm Up 
Deadlift High Pull
Front Rack Step Ups*
Hang Muscle Snatch
Box Jump Overs
Plyo Push Ups

*Each side – if using a db or lighter single object, also complete weighted reps on each side. 

Hang Power Snatch
3 Reps

10 Minute AMRAP
10 Kettlebell Snatches* 1.5|1
10 Box Jump Overs 24|20

* 5 each side

Pop-up WOD
10 Minute AMRAP
10 Hang Power Snatches 75|55
10 Box Jump Overs 24|20

At Home WOD
10 Minute AMRAP
10 Odd Object Hips to Overhead
10 Tuck Jumps or Step-Up and Overs