Keep Calm & Carry Your Dumbbell


Outdoors Primarily – Please do not park in the lot
Street cleaning until 7AM. Please park on the opposite side of Dorchester Ave that the gym is on to avoid a ticket.

1 Minute each
-Lateral Dumbbell Hops
-Alternating High Kicks
-Prison Burpees*
-Alternating Elbow to Instep Stretch
-DB High Pulls**

*3|2 Push Ups at the bottom of each burpee
**30s each side

Mini Band Accessory
40s Work|10s Rest
1. Banded Side Steps
2. Monster Walk
3. Banded Glute Bridge
4. Seated Arnold Press

*Hold Dumbbell at the chest for extra midline in the side step and monster walk. Add it to the hips for more resistance in the bridge

Single Arm Devilโ€™s Press 50|35
Lunge with SA Lockout
Weighted Sit-up

*200m Sprint After Each Set. Carry the dumbbell on every other Run (Sets 18,14,& 10)

Level 2 – 40|25, unweighted Sit-up
Level 1 – 30|15, 14-12-10-8-6-4, unweighted Sit-ups & runs

Extra Work
1 Min Hollow Rocks
1 min Deadbugs
1 Min Bicycle Abs
1 Min Plank
Repeat with 30s