Have a tough time with double unders?? Then this is the seminar for you!

Molly Metz, 5-time world champion jumper, coach of the largest and fastest competitive jump rope team in the nation and now a current CrossFit athlete, understands the athletes need for consistent, consecutive and efficient double unders.   Molly and her staff are conducting a double under seminar this month at CrossFit Southie, on April 28th from 230 – 430pm.

This seminar is the only seminar conducted by a competitive, professional and 28+year jump rope coach. All athletes attending this course will leave with the proper tools and movements needed for a future of painless double unders.

Ropes will be brought to the training and ropes will be for sale after the seminar.

For more information please visit www.jumpNrope.com

To register please click below:

Saturday April 28th

230 – 430pm to register click here