Jingle Bell 5K This Sunday!

Happiness this way

With the uptick in Covid cases we are asking everyone to both be diligent with their masks and to please continue to register for classes. We will make use of the registrant lists to inform class participants of any potential close contact situations. As always, thank you for your continued cooperation

Jingle Bell 5K
Don’t miss out on our next Sunday Run-Day Fun-Day! Sunday 12/19 in Somerville. More details can be found below and registration can be found HERE!

16 Suitcase Deadlifts
16 Lunges (unweighted)
16 Step Ups

14 SA Snatch High Pulls*
14 Lunges wit the DB in the Front Rack
14 Single Leg Box Plyos

12 DB Snatch
12 Lunges w/ SA Lock Out
12 Box Jump Overs

*reps should be split between sides

Back Squat
2 Reps
-Start at 75% and build from there

3 Rounds
20 Single Arm Snatches 50|35
10 Lunges w/RA lockout
20 Box Jump Overs
10 Lunges with LA lockout

Level 2- 40|25
Level 1- 30|15
ADV- 70|50

Extra Work
3 Rope Climbs
9 Devil’s Press 60s|40s
3 Rope Climbs
7 Devil’s Press
3 Rope Climbs
5 Devil’s Press
3 Rope Climbs