Jason Dionne – Member of the Month

jason MOTM Collage

Jason has been an integral member of our community since the moment he set foot in the door. He truly cares about people and has made a tremendous impact on the lives of myself and many other CFS originals. Outside of the box, he is fully devoted to his professional teaching efforts. He has brought many of his students to the box over the years. It’s remarkable to see the relationship he has with these students and the impact he has made on their young lives.

Being the nurturing educator and the people person he is, J consistently goes out of his way to make newbies feel right here at home at CFS. He embodies the CFS culture and has immensely helped shape and grow this community to what it is today.

This member of the month award is long overdue and if we had a member of the millennium, Jason would definitely be right at the top of the list. We’re selfishly saddened that J is moving to Portland but excited for him and Michael and their new life venture and know that his home will always be here at CFS. Love you J!


How did you get involved in CrossFit? What was your first WOD/experience?
As a trainer, I always loved functional movement, in general, and was always having my clients hit crazy workouts with bizarre activities, so the leap to Crossfit was pretty natural. Actually, at first, I felt that it was a bit too dangerous for my clients, but was very soon convinced otherwise. I began doing Crossfit (sort of) by researching the Main Site online, watching people like Mark Urso at a globo-gym that I belonged to and trained at. Crossfit done well with proper alignment and coaching is good to go.
My first WOD experience was Kalsu, a ridiculous experience in which I can remember finishing with three seconds left in the cap at a totally scaled weight. I can remember multiple minutes in which I was just doing burpees.

When did you start coming to CrossFit Southie?
I drove by one morning, noticed the big old sign on the Crossfit Orange. I came inside, as has been told to me later, came across like a crazy person, declared that I would be back that evening after teaching. The rest was history…

Is this the first CrossFit you’ve worked out at / how long have you been CrossFitting for?
Yes, this is the first real Crossfit box I have worked out at. I have been to so many boxes now over the years. It has been around four years, I think…I am not sure. I sort of can’t believe that there was a time before Chris and Amy and Southie…

When did you realize that CrossFit was right for you?
Crossfit and Crossfit Southie are so intertwined that I can’t separate the two really. It was obvious that the community was tight and right for me when we would hit brunches together after Saturday morning WODs: Borg, Lil’ John, Powerhouse and Seth, Boyson, Uncle Joe, Meat, Bish, Andrea, Crystal, that whole crew…It was such a great feeling to kill it then go chow down and laugh our butts off. SO many inappropriate conversations!

What are your short-term and long-term CrossFit goals?
My short term goal is to confidently have muscle ups within my repertoire without a false grip.
I will be forty in seven months. I am being a bit idealistic here, but I am hungry again for improvement (you know how it ebbs and flows), and have decided that I would like one specific goal for that birthday: to not possess any glaring identifiable weakness. I do not need to be the best at anything, but I want to not have a noticeable goat…

What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment has nothing to do with exercise; it is that my former scholars connect with me regularly and that I have succeeded in having them know that I love them for the rest of their lives. That is easily my greatest accomplishment.

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD/movement?
I friggin’ love flipping tires, throwing atlas stones, rope climbs, anything like that. Put a partner WOD together for me and someone like Bish where we are doing really funky stuff like that, and I am stoked.
As I was advised this morning, I should not have a least favorite exercise. But let’s be real, I dislike some movements. I basically hate dips, and have been told that I run like I am heavy and about to die.

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?
I am a youth advocate. I was an educator, a director, dean of students. Now, I consult, and everything I do revolves around advocating for kids having good lives, foundations, knowledge, strategies, and lots of love.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?
I have re-begun writing fiction, so I am working on a book. Also, I am in love with my husband and he is pretty darn adorable/grumpy, so cuddling is pretty huge and often kind of funny.

Do you eat Paleo or Zone? What is your favorite paleo/non-paleo meal?
I eat 85% paleo. As for paleo, I have been known to definitely chow down on entire jars of cashew butter a day with dates. Non-paleo, I like getting buzzed on margaritas, not just tequila…the whole fluffy drink, maybe tortilla chips with chili. I don’t really eat non-paleo; I often drink non-paleo.

Fun fact?
I am ridiculously obsessed with ‘Anne of Green Gables’. I can quote it like nobody’s business, and like to name things like she does fabulously. My husband, Michael (you know, the adorable grumpy dude), even went so far as bringing me for an entire week years ago to Prince Edward Island where we completely lived Anne with an ‘e’ for the week. It was pretty crazy romantic!

Tempo Squats – 5 Mississippi on the way down : 2 Mississippi in the hole : fire out of the hole
-Between sets complete
5 Handstand Push-ups *

*If you are just learning the skill, start with kicking up on the wall, or using bands. If you are still working on the kip try it with a few abmats. If your kip is good try strict and go as far as adding a deficit.

4 Minute AMRAP
7 Toes to Bar
7 Overhead Squats (95,65)

Rest 3 Minutes

4 Minute AMRAP
7 Toes to Bar
7 Overhead Squats (115,75)

Rest 3 minutes

4 Minute AMRAP
7 Toes to Bar
7 Overhead Squats (135,85)

Level 2 (75,95,115), (55,65,75)
Level 1 (55,75,95), (35,45,55)

Score= total rounds

Upcoming Moskillity Schedule for April
4/6Bar Gymnastics Movements (toes to bar – ball ups – etc)
4/13Handstand Push Ups (strict – kipping – bands – pike)
4/20Pistols (progressions – single leg strength builders)
4/27Push Jerk (rack – dip/drive – overhead positions)

Tonight’s Moskillity Class – 7:00-7:45pm in Southie Green with Coach Jones
Movement: Kettlebell Swings & Skills
Mobility Area: Hips – Shoulders