IV Drip Therapy Today!


Please do not park in the lot

OUTDOORS- If it rains, class will be held indoors

IV Drip Therapy Today! Drip by Refresh will be here from 7AM-12PM and there’s still time to book an appointment!
The pricing is below and will be accepted day of. Venmo, Card or Cash are all accepted. Read the therapy descriptions below

Performance and Recovery
(best for athletes): assists in decreasing recovery time, enhancing athletic performance, replenishes essential nutrients and reduces inflammation.

Quench: re-hydrates your body and combats fatigue caused from dehydration and exercise by detoxing your system and restoring essential vitamins to get you back to feeling 100%

IV Drips $150 (regularly $229)
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Warm Up
200m Run
2 Rounds
12 Box Step Ups
9 BB Front Squats
6 BB Push Press
3 Pull to Stands

Shoulder Rolling
Lat Rolling

Rope Climbs
Cargo Net

WOD (40 Min Cap)
600m Run
21 Thrusters 135|95
21 Box Jump Overs 27|24
5 Rope Climbs*

Rest 2 Minutes

600m Run
15 Thrusters 135|95
15 Box Jump Overs
4 Rope Climbs

Rest 2 Minutes

600m Run
9 Thrusters 135|95
9 Box Jump Overs
3 Rope Climbs

Rx+ – Replace 1 Rope Climb each round with 1 Cargo Net Ascent – ex 1st round = 1 Cargo Net and 4 Rope Climbs
Level 3 – 115|75, 3-2-1 Rope Climbs
Level 2- 95|55, 10ft climbs. 24|20 inch box jumps
Level 1 – 75|35, pull to stands
ADV – Legless Rope Climbs

Extra Work
3 Rounds
20 DB Cleans 2×50|30
20 T2b
20 Push Jerks
20|15 Cal Ski

Rest 2 Minutes