From The Box To The Bar Crawl! – CFS


Our goal is to work to do each WOD in the least amount of time possible, with as little modifications as possible. The key to fitness is intensity. Very often, the shortest wods, when done in an all out fashion, are the most intense and produce the greatest fitness results. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, that’s how we get better at CrossFit and at life.

It’s your responsibility to start looking at each workout and deciding which approach you are going to take to get it done the fastest. Depending upon the amount of work in the WOD, you may pace it differently. For example, if “Helen” was only one round for time you would probably run the fastest 400m as you possibly could. In this case, where we are doing three rounds, you may want to pace the runs and try to not break up the swings and pull-ups. The key to producing fast times in CrossFit is to not catch yourself standing around. Keep moving at all times! Don’t put that kettlebell down, jump right back up on that bar. Once you can do the WOD unbroken, do it faster.

CFS Bar Crawl TODAY!!
Join us for the CFS Annual Bar Crawl! Route will be as follows

  • Battery Park 3:30-4:30
  • The Landing 4:45-6:15
  • Tia’s 6:30-7:45
  • Wild Rover 8:00- ????

Wild Rover is providing CFS with our own VIP Room! There is no line, no cover charge and they will have food for us to refuel after a long days journey! We hope to see you all there! If you only happen to make it to the last bar be sure to go to the front of the line and tell them you’re with CFS!

Take Care of those hands!
Crossfit challenges us with large quantities of pull ups, climbing up ropes, sumo deadlift high pulling and repping out those toes –to-bars. These great movements can sometimes leave our hands battered and bruised with the occasional blister. There are ways to prevent hand injuries from occurring and also ways to take care of injuries that couldn’t be avoided.

“I want to build calluses because it will toughen my hands”

The build up of calluses is usually the culprit of superficial hand injuries. Ideally, we’d like to have nice smooth hands with an even surface throughout. You can purchase callus shavers or pumice stones online, or at your local pharmacy to shave down any excess skin. Soaking your hands or showering before shaving will work best. As another preventative measure, be sure to wash all chalk off of hands after workouts and use moisturizer such as bag-balm, to prevent drying out of the hands.

Grips and chalk also work to improve our grip and prevent and protect any cuts on the palm. If you know a lot of pull ups are on deck don’t be afraid to use grips to help prevent ripping. !

Sometimes we push ourselves so hard that hand injuries occur even after careful maintenance of our precious hands (a small price to pay for the great things we are doing for the inside of our bodies). If a hand cut does occur, use warm soap and water to clean the area, apply antibacterial ointment, and cover for the first few hours. After that, remove the dressing and let nature heal the rest. Also, don’t forget to wipe down your pull up bar or barbell after the WOD if you did encounter a mid workout hand injury and kept going.

We now have DRVN hand grips available for sale at the front desk for $20.00, if/when you find yourself needing a pair!

1. 15/12 Calorie Row
2. 50 Double Unders
3. 10/7 Strict Pull Ups
*Scale reps back as necessary

Shoulders and Calves

Every 3 Minutes for 30 Minutes X Calorie Row
X Double Unders
X Pull-ups

RX- 15/50/10
Level 2- 12/20/7
Level 1- 8/100 singles/5 Pull-ups
ADV- 20/50/5 Bar Muscle-ups

*There is no built-in rest other than what you earn. If you get too winded take a round off, but you will need to wait for the next round to begin. Pick a level and stick with it.

Coaches Tip: You should have 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest after the first few intervals. If you have less than 30 seconds off the bat, scale the reps. If you have more than a minute, choose a more challenging version.