It’s Saturday Brah

Impromptu Post Workout AB WOD

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Warm Up
1 Round
:60 Work/:20 Rest & Rotate
Burpee Step Ups w/ Knee Drive
200m Run or 200/150m Ski Erg
Pull to Stand

Rope Climb
*Remember to wear long socks, pants, or tape to protect the lower leg!

5 Rounds
60s work:20s Rest and Rotate
1. Burpee Box Jumps
2. Bike
3. Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (50’s,35’s)
4. 200m Run or 200/150m Ski Erg
5. Rope Climbs

Rope Climb Goal
Super Ninja– 3
Ninja– 2
It’s Saturday Brah– 1

*different from your typical stations workout. Pick a distance that you can sprint in 60 seconds or less. Keep a score total for station 1-3, and then report a separate number for the rope climbs

Level 2- (40,25)
Level 1- 100m, (30,15), Burpee Step-ups – Pull to Stand or Strict Pull Ups

Want to improve on your rope climbs? Check out the tutorials below!
Master the S-Hook Rope Climb Technique
Master the J-Hook Rope Climb Technique


  • Trevor

    10/27/2018 @ 5:02 pm

    Thruster: Heavy 3s
    8×3 @155 across

    20 Rounds: Every 30s alternating
    5 strict dips (20# vest)
    5 strict pull ups (20# vest)

    5 Rounds
    12 Ski Cal
    12 GHD Situps

  • Brian Campbell

    10/27/2018 @ 2:34 pm

    182/25 Rx

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