Reebok Shopping Opportunity!

Erin – Developing the Skillzzz

*4th of July Schedule UPDATE*
Wed July 3rd – Normal morning and afternoon schedule. In the evening we will be running All Levels Classes in Southie Green only with classes at 3, 4, 5 & 6pm. There will no 7pm class and no PM classes in Orange.
Thurs July 4th – 9 & 10am classes only. Go America!
Friday July 5th – No morning classes in Southie Orange. All Levels classes will be held all day in Green at 530am, 630, 9, 11, 12, 4, 5, 6 & 7pm.
Saturday July 6th – No classes in Southie Orange. All levels classes will be held in Southie Green at 8,9,10,11 & 2. Intro, Mobility are as normally Scheduled.

Reebok Shopping Opportunity
Looking to get your hands on the new Nanos or freshen up that summer wardrobe? Well, you’re in luck! Reebok has invited us to shop in their Boston store for 50% off of EVERYTHING! You can take advantage of this invite up until July 12th. Just show the invite below at check out. Happy Shopping!!

Warm Up
Run a loop

Grab a barbell*
10-8-6-4-2 of
Plank up and over the barbell
BB Good Mornings
BB Front Squats
BB Strict Press

*add weight to the bar each round

E3MOM15 “Hulk Salad” Complex
2 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
2 Jerks

Hang Power Cleans (115,75)

*Every time you break your set complete 4 burpees over the bar

Level 2- (95,55)
Level 1- (75,35), 21-15-9
ADV- 135,95, 30/20lb ball

Extra Work
2 Rounds
15/12 Cals Bike
15/12 Cals Ski
25 GHDs
15/12 Cal Ski
15/12 Cals Bike
Rest 3 mins

4:45 Conditioning & Bootcamp
5 Rounds
1 Minute Row
1 Minutes of Burpees
1 Minute Assault Bike
1 Minute of Double Unders
1 Minute of Ski Erg
1 Minute Rest

Pace modalities appropriately. There is no rest or transition time between exercises except for after the last ski erg.

Double Unders/5