Competitor Public Service Announcement

Alden - KFP
Alden – KFP

This post is directed to the PM toasties and Open Gymers. Competitor classes are a privilege and competitors are given much more freedom than those taking general CrossFit classes.  We understand that there is a lot to get done in competitor classes but at the required level this should be a non-issue.  In taking competitor classes, you are expected to stay on task with the posted times on the site, hold yourself accountable (adhere to standards) in WODs, respect the general CrossFit class, and clean up after yourself post mobility, post WOD, post strength.

Unfortunately, lately most of our time as coaches has been devoted to cleaning up after competitors/open gymers and/or constantly reminding everyone to stay on task and adhere to standards.  As a coach, this is stressful and chaotic and we are so worried about controlling the chaos of the box, we are unable to spend as much time actually coaching and giving positive feedback.  If a coach is not around at the end of class to remind people to pick up after themselves, the box looks like a tornado hit.  Last week alone, I spent close to an hour, yes an hour, after a 6pm class picking up after everyone had just up and left with plates on plates on boxes on trash on mobility equipment around the competitor side of the gym.

Plates, bars, rollers, lacrosse balls, tape, rowers, water bottles, cups, clothing/shoes, pvc’s are constantly left out after strength, WOD’s and mobility.   We can’t have lax balls and foam rollers rolling across the floor during a WOD, it’s unsafe and someone is going to eventually catch a bad one.  After you are done with something please put it away, even if you may use it later or haven’t used it at all and you see it lying around, please contribute to keeping our space clean.  Also, please remember the box is not your personal locker room.  Keep your belongings in the cubbies, or in the front of the room with everyone else instead of out on the gym floor.  Lastly, chalk belongs in a bucket.  If it is out on the floor, it gets stepped on and creates a mess.  Keep the chalk in the bucket or soon you may find yourself without chalk at all.

Please act like competitors and you will be treated like competitors, act like children and you will be treated like children.  General CrossFit Southie classes are so clean, organized and well behaved there is no reason the competitor classes and open gym shouldn’t be.  If things don’t get better we are bringing Masley back to tighten things up.  Seriously though, we will have to cut back on the amount of work we try to get done in an hour to make sure we alot for time to clean up after ourselves.  Less work equals less fitness.  We will go back to more formal instruction, going over standards each day if we find competitors not upholding standards.  We don’t want to have to make these adjustments, we want to be able to allow you guys the freedoms you deserve and get in the work you need to get in to be a successful competitor.  We are just asking for more of an effort on your end to help us get you there.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this and looking forward to growing the CFS competitor community, remember it starts with all of you!

Warm up – 15 minutes
50 Dubs
15 wall facing squats
50 dubs
15 wall facing squats
50 dubs

Strength – please start 15 minutes into the class so we can start the AMRAPs with the general class; strength sets are to be completed in the back of Southie Green, in the pain cave today.
EMOM for 12 minutes
Odd – 5 Back Squats
Even – 1 Front Squat

12 minute AMRAP
3 Ring Muscle-ups
5 Thrusters
20 double unders

Games – (155,105)
Regional- (135,95)
Open- (115,75)

Do not scale with bar muscle-ups, sub 3 dead hang c2b’s and 3 ring dips for each muscle up.

Rest 10 Minutes – stretch
between WODs

WOD 2– with a partner,
alternating rounds
12 Minute AMRAP
200m row
100m run