Hot Wheels

Jan 20th, 2021

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Hot Wheels


Pop Up Classes at 730am and Noon Today.  Zoom Class at 530pm.  Check our Class Schedule for all upcoming Pop Up and Zoom times.  Click the Zoom link to join

Run 1 loop


:30 work/:10  Rest
-Lateral Up & Overs
-Strict Press
-BB Sumo Deadlift
-BB High Pull From Mid Hang
-BB Front Squat with 2 second pause

:30 Rest

1:00 of Each, No Rest Between
-Box Jumps with Step Over
-Sumo Deadlift High Pull
-BB Thruster

Calf Stretch
Quad Stretch

1 Mile Run


Box Jump Overs
Kettlebell Swing 2|1.5
Wall Balls

Level 2- 1.5|1
Level 1- 1|0.75

Outdoor WOD
1 Mile Run

Box Jump Overs
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75|55
Thrusters 75|55

Level 2 – 65|45
Level 1-  55|35

Other Subs-
Plate hip to Overhead

Run Subs =
2000m Row
3|2.5 mile Bike


5 Rounds
15 Burpees
50 Double Unders or Plate Hops

Extra Work 
10 min EMOM
Odd – 10 second HS Hold, 6 Strict HSPUs, 10 second HS Hold*
Even – 10 second hollow hold, 12 V-ups, 10 second hollow hold

Sets are ideally done unbroken for the first few rounds.  Scale reps as necessary.

*Kip where need be or perform a db Strict Press

**have access to a pull up bar? – 10 Second Pull Up Hang, 12 T2b, 10 Second Pull Up Hang**