Holy Hamsicles!?!?!

Big D- Banded Dealift
Big D- Banded Dealift

Ok BT’s. 2 Major things coming up:
1. Northeast Regionals-Next Weekend
2. CFS Internal Throwdown-June 8th

Our team this year is STRONG. These guys have been busting their butts all year for the Regional. We have a real chance to make it back to LA. We need each and every one of you to come out and show your support. In the past pretty much every person spectating at the regional had a team or individual to cheer for. This year is different. This year there were many more teams that competed, and still only 30 that got the invite to the Regional. It is a great accomplishment that the CFS team made it there. Please come out and cheer at the top of your lungs for our athletes. Tickets could sell out,
to purchase tickets please click here

As for the CFS internal throwdown…….
Date: Saturday, June 8th
Time: 8 am till about 2
Cost: $30
For: Crossfit Southie Members
Athlete Check-in: 8 am
Athlete Briefing: 8:30 am
First Heat: 9 am

To sign- up and to read more about the WOD requirements, click here.

Run 400m
10 Barbell split jerks- working on perfect form
Run 200m
10 bb split jerks, again concentrating on foot work, timing and speed.
-5 minutes stretching hamstrings on the box

Split Jerk

Box Jump (30, 24)

Games – (315,205)
Regional – (275,185)
Open- (225,155)

Ca$H Out
2 rounds
400m sprint
Rest 1 Minute
400m sprint with sandbag (3,2)
Rest 2 minutes