Helping Out Matt

Matt Glazier joined the Southie Community when we reopened after the first Shutdown. He frequents the 8am and midday classes, always works hard and is a pleasure to have in class. We recently received the news that he needs a kidney and we are trying to do our part in helping finding a matching donor by spreading the word.  Please read a note from his wife below…

I’m writing to you today with a plea for help. To make a long story short, Matt has been battling a rare kidney condition over the past month, and despite various treatments to return his kidneys to health, Matt will need a kidney transplant. We need the help of anyone and everyone willing to consider donating. If you’re open to being evaluated as a match, please reach out to me, Matt’s wife Julia, at [email protected] or 617-605-1440. If you’d prefer to help spread the word, please forward this letter to your family, friends and colleagues, so this can reach as many people as possible.

Long story longer, here’s what’s going on:

For anyone that doesn’t know my husband Matt, he’s simply one of the best people on Earth. He is a 34-year-old lover of life, and one of the most fun, kind and giving people you’ll ever meet. He is a lover of food and travel, an avid skier, and a fervent U. Michigan and Boston sports fan. He loves his friends and family passionately, and he tends to these relationships with immense care. Simply put, he is larger than life.

In January, Matt was feeling especially fatigued. We went to the doctor to get him checked out, and he ended up being rushed to the emergency room. Matt’s kidneys were failing quickly. He spent a week in the hospital and is still very sick, being treated from home. While we are still trying to figure out what caused this, his doctors believe he has a rare genetic condition called aHUS. At this point, Matt’s test results show that more than half of his kidney function is gone, and it’s unlikely the organs will recover on their own. He has begun dialysis while we search for a living kidney donor.

Here’s what we need to help Matt:

The ideal donor we’re seeking is type O blood (positive or negative), does not have high blood pressure, and is not diabetic. However, if you do not meet the blood type requirement, and are still open to helping, we could consider using a resource called Paired Kidney Donation or PKD. This system creates groups of 2 or 3 or 4 donor/recipient pairs who are incompatible but can exchange between pairs. For example, I want to donate to my mom and we are incompatible and you want to donate to your mom but you are also incompatible. However, I am compatible with your mom and you with mine. We can then do a paired-donation: I donate to your mom and you donate to my mom.

If you meet any of these qualifications, and are willing to have an evaluation at a transplant center, we would be eternally grateful. This extensive medical evaluation will make sure donation is a safe procedure in the near and long-term for you. A kidney donation involves a fairly routine surgery, most often accompanied by a few days in the hospital. Thousands of these operations are done every year, with an extremely high success rate.

I know this is a big ask, but your gift could help someone who has positively affected so many other lives, and will continue to contribute so much good to this world. We are desperate to get Matt back to his normal, healthy, food loving, ski and travel-obsessed, self, and for him to return to work, play with our new puppy, enjoy our new home in Boston, and begin our life as a newly married couple.

Thank you for your well wishes, for your prayers, and for considering and passing along this request.

With Eternal Gratitude,

Julia Pepe Glazier


2:00 Jump Rope


1. 3 Slow Reps of Squat Therapy with a mini band
2. 10 Med Ball Glute Bridges with Mini Band Around Top Of Knees
3. 15 Med Ball Jack Knives

Calf Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

Hollow Rock Challenge
Week 9 = 90 Hollow Rocks

Back Squat
3 Reps
3 Reps
3 Reps
2 Reps
2 Reps
1 Rep
1 Rep

All sets should be building sets, with the sets of 3 moderate, and the weight becoming heavier/more challenging starting at the 4th set, with 2 reps

30 Squat Cleans 135|95
100 Double Unders
60 Wall Balls 20|14
100 Double Unders

Level 3- 115|75
Level 2- 95|65, 50 double unders
Level 1-75|45, 100 singles
ADV – 150 Double Unders

Extra Work
3 Rounds
200’ Sandbag Carry 140|90
400M Run
500M Row

Rest 2 Minutes