Hollow Rock Challenge & Core Strength


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Hollow Rock Challenge & Core Strength
When most of us think of a solid core or core strength we envision someone with a rock hard six pack. Although an individual may have visible muscles within the abdominal region, it does not necessarily mean that they possess core strength. CrossFit, in and of itself, is a core strength and conditioning program. Mid-line stabilization is essential for functional movement and part of the goal is to develop athletes from the inside out, from the core to extremity. “Much of our work focuses on the major functional axis of the human body, the extension and flexion, of the hips and extension, flexion, and rotation of the torso or trunk. The primacy of core strength and conditioning in this sense is supported by the simple observation that powerful hip extension alone is necessary and nearly sufficient for elite athletic performance.” (CrossFit Training Guide) We can see the importance of hip extension implemented throughout nearly every movement whether it be a push jerk, power clean, snatch, sumo dead-lift high pull, etc. The more power we use from our hips and mid line, the more weight we are able to get up overhead.

Hollow Rockin’

That being said, how do we develop our core strength? Think outside the box. Instead of doing endless sit-ups with the abmat, use the GHD machine over in Southie Green, or work on plank progressions by doing them tabata style. Ring push ups are also an amazing way to develop mid line stabilization. The most awesome aspect in striving to develop core strength is that we can work on it within the comfort of our home by simply mastering v-ups before bed, doing plank holds for time, or getting in the weekly dose of hollow rocks while watching our favorite tv episode.

To ensure each of you get your weekly dose of core strength work, we are reinstating a Hollow Rock Challenge on Tuesdays during class time at CFS. We will start today with 10, and we will be adding 10 every Tuesday until we get to 100. Hollow rocks can practiced multiple times a week to master the movement, which in turn will help you build efficiency in weight-lifting as well as the gymnastic movements. Remember, lack of core development often leads to a predisposition to injury. When the core muscles are weak, we have to work twice as hard when we are engaging them. Do your part. Don’t let your weak mid line hold you back from getting a PR on one of your lifts or from doing a wod rx. Get after it! To read more on mid-line stabilization, check out a previous post by Amy here.

1 Minute of Each
-Lateral Plate/Object Hops
-High Kicks/ 30s Each Leg
-Burpees on to the Plate
-Alternating Elbow to Instep 

Quad stretch
Calf stretch

Hollow Rock Challenge
Week 1 = 10 Hollow Rocks

1 Min Hollow Rocks
1 min Deadbugs
1 Min Bicycle Abs
1 Min Plank
Repeat with 30s

*There is no built in rest.  Take rest only when you need to.

5 Rounds
10 Single Arm Devil’s Press 50|35
10 Overhead Lunges 50|35

E2MOM 100M Run (15s out & 15s back)

At the beginning of the WOD and at every 2 minute interval during the workout… stop, run 100m and then pick back up where you left off.

*Coaches Tip – Alternate arms each round or split the reps each round between arms.
*Run sub= 40 double Unders or 60 singles

Barbell WOD Variation
5 Rounds
10 Burpees
10 Snatches 95|65
10 Lunges with OH Lockout

E2MOM 100M Run (15s out & 15s back)

*For Barbell Movements, if using 75|55 Complete 12 Reps of each, if 115|80 Complete 8 reps of each. If 135|95 complete 6 reps of each

Extra Work
50ft HS Walk or 4 Wall Climbs
100 Double Unders
40 ft HS Walk or 3 Wall Climbs
75 Double Unders
30 ft HS Walk or 2 Wall Climbs
50 Double Unders
20ft HS Walk or 2 Wall Climbs
25 Double Unders

Double Under Sub = Run 400|300|200|100

ADV – 100-75-50-25ft HS Walk, 200-150-100-50 Double Unders