Hit Your Positions



2 rounds of
1 time through the Burgener warm up (5 jump shrugs, 5 jump shrug pulls, 5 muscle snatch, 5 jump and lands with the bar overhead, 5 hang power snatches) – 75 lbs for guys, 45 for ladies
5 ball ups

20 minutes working up to a max weight with perfect technique:

Low Hang Power Clean (Full Stall)
Below the knee ¾ Clean
Squat Clean

we turned these into cleans due to the Open WOD.

*Coaches tip* – Pull yourself tight to the bar and into the ground. Add momentum but work slow of the ground to above the knee and focus on hitting all of your positions. Once at the low hang accelerate fully, make contact with the hip and pull yourself aggressively underneath the bar.

15 Minute AMRAP
10 Kettlebell swings (2,1.5)
10 Box jumps (24,20)
10 Ring dips

*Coaches Tip* – Kip bring the knees up fast and push with the chest and tri’s at the same time. The body comes together like an accordion, opposite than the knees to the chest and the turnover of the hips in the hspu. Of course it would be opposite, because in the ring dip we are right side up instead of upside down.