Southie Spotlight: July Member Achievements!

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CrossFit Games resume Today and run through the weekend.  Click here to find out how to watch.  We will also be streaming on the big screen at the box.

Southie Spotlight!
It’s Spotlight Time!! Member achievements are a big deal and we love celebrating your hard work. Don’t forget your highlights get posted on Instagram each and every Friday! Scroll down to see your July Accomplishments! Also featured is The Sidepiece Board for July and our Whiteboard for Justin’s WOD. Such an amazing show of support that day!

Grab box & barbell
2 Rounds
10 alt. step ups (bar on back adv)
10 Front squats – drill as a group
10 Single Leg Touch Downs on box (5/side)
10 Strict press

Every 2 Minutes for 16 Minutes:
2 Squat Cleans
2 Jerks

12 Minute AMRAP
7 Thrusters (135,95)
7 Burpee Box Jumps

Level 3 (115,80)
Level 2 (95,65)
Level 1 (75,45)

Extra Work
For time:
2,000-meter row
1-mile run
2,000-meter row


  • Trevor

    08/03/2018 @ 6:06 pm

    Sq Clean
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Single Arm DB Push Press
    4×5 (each arm) @65

    DB Curls
    5×5 (each arm) @40

    5 rds
    100ft yoke @365
    10 GHDs

    Hip Ext

  • Coolidge

    08/03/2018 @ 4:06 am

    Jascha DL 505×3??


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