Hero WOD “Glen”


In 4 minutes
Run 400m
1 Pull to Stand
5 Prison Burpees*

*3|2 Push Ups in the middle of the burpee

Donโ€™t be shy! We have some great scaling options

Rope climb

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.

WOD (40 min cap)
30 Clean and jerks 135|95
Run 1 mile
10 Rope climb ascents
Run 1 mile
100 Burpees

Level 3- 115|75; 1200m Runs, 5 Rope Climbs; 75 Burpees
Level 2- 95|55; 800m Runs; 10 Pull to Stands; 50 Burpees
Level 1- 20 Clean and jerks 75|35, 535m Run (1 loop), 30 Ring Rows, 30 Burpees

Extra Work
Every 90s for 7 sets
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk