Hero WOD “DT”


Patience No one comes into Crossfit and is naturally good at everything. The big guys are strong but can’t run. The little guys can crank out pull-ups but they can’t clean and jerk heavy weight. Some members start and everything hurts, problems start to arise that they never realized they had. This is why the first word in our motto is Patience. If you are not patient with your body you will never get stronger, faster, or fix your imbalances.

Progress After the first month or two new crossfitters will start to notice a considerable amount of progress. Each day you become one step closer to executing workouts as prescribed.

Perseverance Once all of the movements are mastered and you have built the strength to train with the prescribed weights, you are ready to persevere. Each time you come in you are striving for better times and greater efficiency through all the movements.

PerformanceWhether it be in CrossFit Southie, at a local throwdown, or at sectional/regional competition, the final stage is performance. Once you have built up the strength, power, and endurance it is time to put on your game face and perform for others to see. With competition comes excellence. You will never work as hard on your own as you will in a competitive group setting. The truth is, even if you finish last you are pushing yourself harder than you ever have before.

Annie Thorisdottir does “DT” with 155lbs – See How the Pros Do It!

4 Rounds
:20 on/:10 off
Rest 1 minute
4 Rounds
:20 on/:10 off
Ski Erg

Lat Rolling and Stretching

5 Rounds
12 Deadlifts (155,105)
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Level 3- (135,95)
Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,65)

Scores/Comments from “DT” on 8/9/16

Rest/Guided Mobility
forearms, upper body

Partner Conditioning
1.3/1 Mile Bike
1000m Ski Erg

Rest 1:1 with your partner. Complete each for time.

Extra Work
Strict HSPU
Pistols (each leg)*
*Scale pistols to 21-15-9 total where necessary