Turkey Schedule & DanceWorks Boston

ronnie rope climb

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Wednesday 11/25 – Normal AM and mid day schedule. Open Gym from 1-4pm. We will be running a reduced schedule in the evening with All LEvels classes in Southie Green only at 4,5,6&7pm.

Thursday 11/26 – Thanksgiving – 8am and 9am only

Friday 11/27 – All levels classes at 9,11,noon, 4,5,6 & 7 in Southie Green.  There will also be Open Gym from 1-4pm.

Saturday 11/28 – Normal Schedule
DanceWorks Boston Winter Show
The DanceWorks Boston Project is a jam-packed, two hour-long production featuring 30 original choreographed works that will premiere January 15 & 16 at 8pm at the Tsai Performance Center. Our matinee show will be held on Saturday, January 16 at 3:30pm before our closing performance that evening. With over 160 performers, the production blends high energy hip-hop, jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary and broadway to create a spectacle that is anything but your typical dance recital.IMG_8096

Our very own Meg Struckel will be performing in five pieces, including one that she choreographed herself. She’d like to invite everyone to come check out the show. Be sure to grab your tickets quickly. Last year, the performances sold out in less that a week! Click here to purchase tickets.


*These should all be hard heavy working sets. You can either pick a weight and stick with it for all 5 sets or start heavy and ascend but not huge jumps between sets.

WOD – 15 minute Cap
800m Run
30 Handstand Push-ups
800m Run

Level 2- 50 Push-ups
Level 1-30 Push-ups
ADV- 50 Handstand Pushups

Conditioning Class: WOD
2 Rounds
500m Row
Rest 1 minute
500m Row
Rest 1 minute
300m Row
Rest 30 seconds
300m Row
Rest 30 seconds
300m Row
Rest 3 minutes. Repeat for second round.
Courtesy of CompTrain

Conditioning Class: Core
Odd – 10 GHD sit ups
Even – 6 Hip Extensions
*Scale reps depending on ability level.