You can take away the toaster, but you can’t put out the fire


Our buddies our leaving us.  Mullins is off to Columbia for School and then headed out to the West Coast.  Filippo is heading to New York for a new job opportunity.  We’ll miss you guys, keep burning toast!

Warm up – mess around with kegs and sandbags

Press dynamic – bench press with bands
12×3 on the minute or faster at 50% of 1rm plus bands

– loop 2 green bands together and position under the bench and on the barbell

Power Snatch – 2-3-4-3-2

Push up drop set – guys start with 4-15lb plates do as many push ups as possible take a plate away do as many push as possible and so on and so forth until you complete a set of pushups un-weighted.

with a partner = max legless rope climbs alternating in 5 minutes – if you cant get 15ft shoot for 10ft or as high as you are able. If you must, use your legs.

Teams of 3
Carry a keg 100m
5 stone to shoulders
Farmers carry 100m
Clean and jerk a HEAVY Sandbag x 5

Each team member completes 3 cycles, rotating through one person at a time, at each station and then proceeds to the next station.