Burpee Dry Tri This Saturday!


Burpee Dry Tri this Saturday. There will be no formal classes.
Sign up for the Dry Tri in ZenPlanner or email in with your desired time.
Registration is free!!!
Open gym will be held in the toaster in Green as there is an Oly cert in Orange today

Divisions: RX & Scaled
Cost: $25.00 for Non-Members.
Free for members!
Registration link can be found HERE

There will be a heat every 20 Minutes starting at 7:00am. There will be 9 participants per heat. 18 participants will be working at once as heats overlap. Your heat will be welcomed into the warm-up section of the gym 20 minutes before your heat. Please do not plan to warm-up prior to that window. Once you register you’ll be able to choose a time slot. This event is for the purpose of FUN and to get you moving. If you are entering to win a trip to Florida, you will be sorely disappointed. However, we do plan to have to have some prizes for top finishers!

Warm Up
50s Work|10s Rest
-Front Squat
-Strict Press

Banded Shoulder Stretching

3 Reps

Thruster 95|65
Calorie Bike

Schwinn: 45-30-15

*Ladies AB Cals: 21-15-9
Ladies Schwinn: 32-23-14

Level 2 – 75|55
Level 1 – 65|35
ADV – 115|75

Extra Work
4 Rounds
20|15 Cal Ski
50ft HS Walk

Scaled – 100ft overhead kb carry 1.5|1’s
ADV – Over Obstacle & rest 5 Mins & Repeat