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Jess – Goin’ Over Overhead

Going down at 12PM today -Download the Zoom App – Grab a weight or odd object and something to step up on (not required) & Click the link below.ย  Also in our Instagram bio Https://

AT HOME FITNESS – Track on SugarWOD – Coaching VIDs on our Youtube Channel

Run 500m (about 3 minutes)
Then 2 rounds:
1 minute on/:20 off

  • Scap Push Ups
  • Inchworms w/ Increasing push ups
  • Plank Hold

*If the weather does not cooperate or you are unable to run outside, substitute 3 minutes of jumping rope.
If you do not have a jump rope, complete:
6 Rounds
:20 on/:10 off

3 Rounds
In 7 minutes:
400m Run
40 Odd Object Swings
200m Odd Object Carry
Then AMRAP Handstand Push Ups or Push Ups

-Rest 2 minutes-

If the object you are using is too difficult to swing overhead, Russian swings are great too!

Running Subs – if you do not have convenient access to the outdoors:
400m Run = 100 Double Unders, 200 Singles, or 30 Burpees
200m Run = 50 Double Unders, 100 Singles, or 15 Burpees

Sub for Hug Carry = 10 Hug Step ups Ups on each leg

Score = Total HSPU or push ups

Classic WOD

Run 1 Loop
2 Rounds
1 min on/:20 off
Banded Face Pull
Seated Kettlebell Strict Press
Wall Plank Hold

3 Rounds
In 7 Minutes
400m Run
40 Kettlebell Swings 1.5|1
200m Sandbag Run
Handstand Push-ups

Rest 2 Minutes

Level 2- 1|0.75
Level 1- 0.75|0.5
ADV- 2|1.5, Deficit Handstand push-ups @ 4 inches|2 inches

Score= Total Handstand push-ups

HSPU sub= Regular push-ups.

Sore from Murph? Sub sit-ups

Extra Work
4 Rounds of
5 Hang Power Clean 205|115
10 Bar Facing Burpees

*Pick a heavy and challenging weight for the HPC that you can do for all 5 reps each time.