Happy Birthday Pat P.! – “PR For Pat”!

Pat P! Regionals 2014

Happy Birthday Pat P.!
As many of you know, we lost one of our best friends back in November 2015 after a long, hard-fought battle against cancer. Pat Padgett was diagnosed with an aggressive form of mouth/throat cancer in June 2014, just a few weeks after he competed on the CFS Team at Regionals. Despite everything, Pat fought through his pain and lived the last year of his life on his terms. Pat never felt sorry for himself. He remained positive in a time of hopelessness. His spirit was, and forever will be, unbreakable. Pat will live on always in our hearts. Today we ask you to give it everything you’ve got. Whether you knew Pat personally or not, he’d be rooting for all of you, together let’s celebrate what would have been his 38th birthday!

“Brave – a Tribute to Pat P created by Patrick Cummings

“So do me the honor of living your life like you really mean it. Go out and conquer your goals, do things that you’re a little scared of, make awesome memories that give you cool stories to tell, and love, love as much as possible, freely and genuinely. Love people, love activities, love scenes and ideas, and material things, and songs, and just love as much as you can. Enjoy your life you only get one, and value your time, you never know how much of it you really have.”

Mobility Class Tonight 7pm

Warm up
6 Burpees
8 Shoulder Activators
10 Jack knives to Hollow
50’ Plate/Slider Drag


Wall Climb
Handstand Walk

Handstand Warm-Up
-50’ Bear Crawl
-50’’ Cartwheels

Partner Up!
-50’ – Wheelbarrow
-50’ – Wheelbarrow Both Beet on One Shoulder
-50’ – Wheelbarrow One Leg Lifted

“PR for Pat”
6 Power Cleans 185|135
12 Burpees
14 T2B
50 ft Handstand Walk*

Level 3 – 155|105
Level 2 – 125| 80, 10 Toes to Bar
Level 1 – 95|65, 14 sit-ups

*Sub in 3 wall climbs or 25 ft HS walk if you can manage them.

Coaches Note – Pick a weight that is challenging but you could do all 6 unbroken fresh. Singles are okay during the WOD.

Extra Work
For Time:
50 Sandbag Over Shoulder 150|100