Happy 81st Birthday Gale!!


Gale and I met in the spring of 2009. Fresh out of grad school I started my own training sole proprietorship, and Gale was one of my very first clients. Gale and I would do 30 minutes in the pool, and 30 minutes on machines and free-weights. We continued this routine up until I discontinued my trips to the Back Bay Hilton where I trained my private clients prior to and during my first year of opening CrossFit Southie.  Once I left the Hilton, I really thought that was going to be the end of Gale and I and our training routine. I didn’t think that Gale would be willing to drive over to our box in Southie that had no treadmill or pool. I guess she must really likes me because she did! It’s been over a year since Gale began her CrossFit career and she is doing amazing.  We meet every Tuesday and Friday. I can actually say that Gale is becoming more fit with age, even in her 80’s.  Even though our sessions are private, we totally WOD it out. It’s amazing to me because in the beginning Gale would always quit on me before the couplet or triplet was complete, but now she plows on through….she complains, but she finishes. Most recently we did fight gone bad on the same day as the classes. 10lb, 6ft wallballs, sumo deaflift high pulls with an 18lb kettle bell, 12 inch step-ups, 15lb barbell push-press, and row. Killed it! Came in just shy of 200 reps and even beat a few peeps on the board. Not many octogenarians can say that. We also did”Christine” recently, Gales version was: 300m row, 10 deadlifts #45, 12 step-ups (12 inch box). Crushed that one too.

When Gale went for a physical last month the doctor told her that she was the healthiest 80-year old that they had seen in a long time. She is a true example of functional fitness at its best. Everything we do is centered around balance, coordination, accuracy, flexibility…well the 10 components of fitness, just like all of you. The only really difference is the intensity- lower impact and not as heavy. Gale can hop out of her chair to answer the phone, carry bags of groceries up the stairs,  if she trips on some cobblestone she can burpee herself back up, and she can sure as heck bend over and tie her shoe lace, which too many women in their 80’s cannot do. Gale has seen changes in her body and feels better now than when we were hanging out in the pool. She used to have problems with her wrists, hands, knees, and sciatica….I haven’t heard her mention any of those for a long time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALE!! You are setting a great example to the world about staying active as you age. You are also giving some great motivation to fellow Crossfitters.  If any of you Crossfitters think to yourself “I just can’t do it today” think of Gale and remember if she can do it, you can too.

30 Thrusters for time (155,105)

Level 3 (135,95)
Level 2 (115,80)
Level 1 (95,55)

3 Rounds
800m Sprint
Rest 2 minutes