With all you newbies floating around it is hard to keep everyone in the loop with what our parking situation is at CFS, I just wanted to clarify to keep everyone safe from the tow trucks. Please do not park in the CES parking spots after 6:30am or before 5pm, if you do you will be asked to move.  All of Dorchester ave is free street parking, if that and the parking lot is full you can park along the fence that borders our running path. If you come to the morning classes, 9, or nooner you shouldn’t park to the left of Southie Orange (looking at the building) unless you are over by the 200 meter line.  That open lot belongs to our neighbors and they are constantly towing cars in and out of there, they need a clear path. After 5pm and on the weekends, parking in our neighbors lot shouldn’t be an issue.  HILTI is gone after 5pm and on the weekends, parking in those spaces shouldn’t be an issue for an hour. Thanks guys!

Hollow Rock Challenge
100 Hollow Rocks

Hang Squat Clean

5 Rounds
12 Hang Squat Cleans (115,80)
300m Run

L2 (95,65)
L1 (65,35)

ADV (135,95)