Chiropractic Sports Therapy Sessions with Wes at the Box

No Monkey Business!
No Monkey Business!

Chiropractic Sports Therapy

Wes Hendricks is our in house Chiropractor that provides the Functional Movement Screen free of charge of members.  Wes has been CrossFitting since 2007, has competed at Regionals several times and is also certified to administer the Functional Movement Screen, which is an excellent opportunity for you to identify what exactly is holding you back and walk away with clear direction on how to fix it.  Wes will now also be offering additional treatment hours at the box on Wednesday nights from 6-7pm and Saturday mornings from 9-10am.  More on Chiropractic Sports Therapy…

If you constantly have to scale exercises due to movement limitations, plateaued on strength gains or have an injury that you can’t figure out why or how to deal with, this service may be appropriate for you. This is a 30 minute evaluation and treatment for various orthopedic and neuromuscular dysfunction. Treatment varies among patients but a typical session will include:

1) Some form of myofasical release (either with an Instrumented Soft Tissue Tool, Cupping or utilizing Functional Range Release) in order to release adhesions/tension and improve blood flow to the target area.

2) A Chiropractic adjustment to help the joints and surrounding area (if needed).

3) An individualized functional rehab exercise program for you as homework to reinforce treatment.

Being injured doesn’t mean you can’t train. As a patient expect an aggressive treatment approach that runs with CrossFit. If you are unsure whether or not treatment is for you, schedule a free Movement Screen to Discuss your current issue.

Power Clean & Push Jerk
-Watch the clock and complete 3 clean and jerks in 30 seconds. They should not be touch and go

Functional shoulders are healthy shoulders. Work these exercises into your routine a couple times a week to improve the health of your shoulders.

Hang Power Clean (155,105)
Burpee Box Jump

Level 3 (135,95)
Level 2 (115,75)
Level 1 (95,55)

Conditioning Class: WOD
10 Rounds
1:00 on, 1:00 off
For max distance on the rower

Conditioning Class: Core
3 Rounds
9 Strict Leg Raises
6 Around the worlds
3 Dragon Flags
Rest as needed in between rounds