Set Your Alarm…..Showdown Registration Opens Monday

Oct 1st, 2018

Category: CrossFit

Set Your Alarm…..Showdown Registration Opens Monday


Southie Showdown
Calling all competitors! Registration opens MONDAY at 12PM! Don’t miss out, this event sells out quickly! Check out our standards below and for more information on the event visit our Southie Showdown Page HERE

— Advanced —
Proficient in all forms of muscle ups & handstand push ups
Toes to Bar

— Rx —
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Handstand Push Ups
Toes to Bar
Front Squat 155,105 for reps

— Intermediate —
Unassisted Chin Over Bar Pull Ups
Wall Climbs
Front Squat 115, 75 for reps

October Fundamentals!
By popular demand we’ve added another Fundamentals course for October. If you missed our September session you don’t have to wait until January to take our course!

We understand that starting any new fitness routine can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. The goal of the CrossFit Southie Fundamentals Program is to eliminate your fears, introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, and have some fun – all while getting fitter. Through eight 60-minute sessions, we will teach you how to move safely and efficiently through the most common movements you will encounter in our general CrossFit classes. At the end of the four weeks, you will have a strong understanding of the foundations of CrossFit, be ready to make the transition into general CrossFit classes… and be a whole lot fitter!
Click Here for More Information & Sign Up!

15/12 Cal Row
12 Burpees
12/10 Cal Bike
15 Sit Ups

Then partner up!
P1 – 5 x 3 Way Lunge (Forward, Lateral, Transverse) on one leg
P2 – Ring Supports*
*Scale with bands or high plank

3 Rounds
:45s Thoracic Rolling
:45s Bandy Pull-aparts

Skill WOD Not for time
3 Rounds
10 Ring Dips
14 Pistols

Coaches Note – If you are proficient at ring dips, work in 3 kipping muscle-ups before completing your set of 10 dips. If kipping is too easy focus on strict reps for both muscle ups and dips. Pistols scales can be found here or even down to lunges or scaled up to weighted pistols where need be.

1. 15/12 Calorie Row
2. 12 Burpees
3. 12/10 Calorie Bike
4. 15 Sit-ups

Level 2 – 12/10, 10/8 Calories
Level 1 – 10/8, 8/6 Calories
ADV – 15 Burpees; 12 GHDs

Coaches Note – Push yourself to see what you can do and scale back reps/calories as necessary.

Extra Work:
Grab a buddy and hit a Team Series WOD

4:45 Conditioning Class
Every 5 Minutes for 35 Minutes
250m Row
0.5/0.4 Mile Bike
200m Sprint
Rest the remainder of the 5 minutes.


  1. Sean Flannery 10/02/2018 at 4:19 am

    WOD: done Adv

  2. Mike T 10/02/2018 at 1:17 am

    Jason – I second that ripping is NEVER worth it

  3. Jason Barrow 10/02/2018 at 12:48 am

    FINAL TEAM SERIES WOD. Submitted our score with only 4 mins to spare.

    Team Series Event 5 (Descending ladder of bar mups and “squat snatches”):
    170 Rx with Jill
    [Jill got through 6 full rounds, I got through 5.]

    I think I did all of my bar mups unbroken except for my very last attempt when Jill finished her round and it was on me to get mups, I missed the one attempt I made during those final seconds. I think Jill did most if not all of her bar mups unbroken? I don’t really know, I was too busy telling her to screw off. Multiple rips on both of my my hands, ripping is NEVER worth it.

    Just submitting 8 scores feels like an accomplishment, not many people can say they did that. I think there were a little less than 10 Southie teams, and we probably had way more participation than other gyms. So congrats to everyone that survived these 2 miserable weeks.

  4. Trevor 10/02/2018 at 12:06 am

    Front Squat- work to a heavy 5 (175#)
    Then 6×5 across

    WOD: completed Rx