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Nutrition Challenge Results!
Another nutrition challenge has come to an end and we could not be more proud of everyone’s hard work and results! This nutrition challenge focused on eliminating all added sugar for the entire six weeks, no alcohol, and eating real food. The goal was to create a healthy, sustainable way of eating that could last beyond the challenge. Everyone who stuck to the challenge saw great results, both in body composition and in workouts. As they say, you can’t out train a bad diet!

As always, it was hard to choose winners because so many people had such great results. These winners crushed it in all areas of the challenge: consistent and detailed food logs, minimal cheats and consistent workouts at the gym. Their hard work certainly paid off… the physical results speak for themselves! Congratulations to our winners!


First Place: Chris Funnell Prize: $350
Consistency really paid off for Chris, as he crushed early morning WODs, got enough rest most nights, mobilized, cooked meals at home often and had very few “cheats” during the six-week challenge. Chris started the challenge in pretty good shape at 17% body fat, but was able to improve his body composition even from there, ending the challenge at 14% body fat. He lost a total of 17 pounds (9% of his total body weight), 2 inches from his waist, and got faster and stronger as evidenced by his benchmark workout scores – including an additional 10 pull-ups at the end of the challenge. Way to go Chris – we hope you continue to crush it in the kitchen and the gym.


Runner Up: Steve Larrabee Prize: $200
Steve became quite a regular to the morning gym crew and was often seen during the challenge pushing himself to the limit in classes and made it through the full six weeks without one sip of alcohol – no easy task with the Super Bowl smack dab in the middle of the challenge. Steve was very diligent with his food log (ask him for some recipes, as he and his wife can really cook!). Steve lost a total of 14 pounds (6.5% of his total body weight), 5.9% body fat, and a total of 4 inches from his waist and hips. His benchmark workouts improved, including his gymnastics. Nice job Steve – we hope you take your wife out to a nice (healthy) dinner with the winnings.

Honorable Mention: Amanda Cascione Prize: $100
No stranger to nutrition challenges, Amanda is someone to reckon with when she sets her mind to something. She was able to find a good balance between working out, eating healthy, and life. She remained focused and determined throughout the challenge and committed to her health and also avoided alcohol for the full six weeks. She lost a total of 14 pounds (8.8% of her body weight), 2.8% body fat, and a total of 3.5 inches from her waist and hips. Her Grace time improved by almost 2 minutes, and she got 8 more pull-ups during the re-test. Great job Amanda – we hope you remain motivated and continue to see improvements both in and out of the gym.

Honorable Mention: Jason Thornton Prize: $100
Often seen in the early morning classes, Jason remained committed to his health and the challenge even while traveling quite a bit for work. He was an active participant throughout the six weeks; sharing delicious recipes and showing people how to stay focused on their health goals, no matter what life throws your way. Jason lost a total of 11 pounds (6% of his body weight), and improved his Grace time by almost one minute, and got 8 more pull-ups in the benchmark retest. Congrats Jason – keep up this momentum!

Honorable Mention: Lizzie Guyott
Prize: $100
After winning the last nutrition challenge, Lizzie came back for more to continue to improve her health and fitness. She lost a total of 15 pounds (8.9% of her body weight) during the six weeks, and also improved her benchmark workouts. She remained motivated throughout the challenge and was consistent with her fitness, sleep schedule, and avoiding unhealthy food. We hope she continues to remain motivated throughout the spring – nice work!

Rope climbs
*remember to wear leg protection

Partner WOD
100 calorie Row
2 Rope Climbs
90 Box Jump Overs
2 Rope Climbs
80 Kettlebell swings (2,1.5)
2 Rope Climbs
70 Kettlebell Lunges (2,1.5)
2 Rope Climbs
60 Ring Dips
2 Rope Climbs
50 Calorie Row
2 Rope Climbs
40 Box Jump Overs
2 Rope Climbs
30 Kettlebell Swings
2 Rope Climbs
20 Kettlebell Lunges
2 Rope Climbs
10 Ring Dips
2 Rope Climbs

Level 2- (1.5,1),10 ft climb or 1/2 Rope climbs (alternate eve-ry other with partner)
Level 1- (1,0.75), Pull to Stand

*can sub ski erg, same calories
*bike sub= 80/40 calories