Another Great Weekend

Thank you to everyone who came to support us on Saturday, it was a great time and a big success for CRCF. Mike “Megatron” Harrison was paired up with Jaime and put up some serious weight for both the snatch and clean and jerk. Mike snatched 225 and then clean and jerked 300, which made him the top male in both lifts. Jaime snatched 85lbs and clean and jerked 130, which was a PR for her. Ali and Alec gave a great performance as well, Ali snatched 90 and PRed on her cleand and jerk with 135. Alec did both lifts barefoot, which should have qualified him for some extra points or something…crazy caveman.Chris had some impressive numbers which placed him 3rd in both lifts for the males; he PRed on his snatch with 210lbs and then matched his PR clean and jerk with 265. I snatched 105 and clean and jerked 140, a 5 pound PR for me! The last event was a metcon that had 20 heavy KB swings between exercises and 100 reps of OH squats, 24″ box jumps, power cleans, and burpees. Like many of our Southie parter WODs we could partition the reps however we wanted, except for the KB swings, and you could not continue to the next exercise until you completed all 100 reps. Chris and I finished first in this event which was very exciting! Overall it was a fun, well organized event. Definitely feeling pumped up for sectionals:)

Front Squat

4 Rounds of
10 Squat Cleans (135,95)
10 HSPUs

Level 2 (115,80)
Level 1 (95,65)