Outside after a long NE Winter
Outside after a long NE Winter

Paleo Challenge Points Clarification
We’ve gotten a few questions about the rules of the “bonus” points, so hopefully this will help straighten things out for you. If you have any questions, please let us know!
Fish Oil: Each day you take at least 2.5g of fish oil, +1 point
Working Out: Each day you come to CrossFit, +2 points. Each day you work out outside of CrossFit, +2 points. No doubling up on workout points. For example, you can’t come to CrossFit in the morning and then workout again on your own for +4 points. The max points you can receive in one day for workouts is +2.
Mobility: Each day that you spend at least 20 minutes dedicated to mobility, +2 points. You CAN receive workout points and mobility points on the same day; however, mobility done during CrossFit class does not count.
The max number of points you should have on a totally perfect day would be 20. Keep up the awesome work, everybody!

Benchmark WOD
30 Clean and Jerks for time

WOD #2
With a partner
Row Each for Time
Rest the amount of time it takes your partner to row